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DID YOU KNOW that All Saints has two separate Endowment Funds that generously support non-profit organizations, ministries, and students?

DID YOU KNOW that through these Endowment Funds, we have over $1 million to serve as a blessing to our community and an extension of our current ministries?

DID YOU KNOW that in 2021 and 2022, the All Saints Endowment Funds provided significant monetary support to the following? —

First English Lutheran Church (Columbus, Ohio)

  First English serves the near Eastside of Columbus in a low-income area of the city.

Scholarship Opportunities for Success (Columbus, Ohio)

  SOS helps women of low income with financial aid for education.

Oesterlen Services for Youth, Inc. (Springfield, Ohio)

  Oesterlen provides mental-health treatment and social services for youth and families.

Tuition Scholarships

  Twenty high-school youth from All Saints Lutheran Church received scholarships in 2021 and 2022, totaling $54,000.

Hunger Network in Ohio

  The Hunger Network in Ohio works to end hunger through advocacy that addresses the root causes of poverty.




The All Saints Endowment Funds:


THE ALL SAINTS MEMORIAL FUND is an endowment fund created to receive gifts supporting the mission and vision of the church apart from annual operating and capital-campaign giving. Donations to the All Saints Memorial Fund are invested and periodically distributed by the All Saints Endowment Fund Committee.


* Please note: The All Saints Memorial Fund at The Columbus Foundation also supports the following account; if you wish to give directly to this account listed below, you may do so by including that information in the special instructions with any gift.


The All Saints Music Enrichment Account has the purpose of sharing and enriching the gift of music at All Saints Lutheran Church and within the community.




THE ALL SAINTS SCHOLARSHIP FUND is an endowment fund with the purpose of supporting members of All Saints with the cost of tuition at a non-profit, tax-exempt college, university, or vocational school.

This endowment fund directly supports our graduating high-school seniors with grants towards college and vocational-school tuition costs.


* Please note: The All Saints Scholarship Fund at The Columbus Foundation also supports the following accounts; if you wish to give directly to these accounts listed below, you may do so by including that information in the special instructions with any gift.


The Amy Dennis Scholarship Account is intended to recognize an individual who has been active in the life of All Saints.


The Pastor David and Beth Ullery Scholarship Account was established to assist students who are preparing for parish ministry at Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University, in Columbus, Ohio.




Want to Learn More or Make a Gift?

Supporting our endowment funds is one of the best ways you can ensure that All Saints’ mission and vision will thrive for years to come.


Our endowment funds are invested locally with The Columbus Foundation and accepted gifts to these funds include assets such as:
• Cash

• Appreciated Securities
• Closely-held Stock

• Real Estate

• Life insurance

• IRAs and Retirement Plans

• Charitable Lead and Remainder Trusts

• Bequests

• Charitable Gift Annuities


If you want to know more about planned-giving options and charitable-gift donations to our endowment funds, please contact your CPA, attorney, or financial advisor. Additionally, The Columbus Foundation’s Carrie Carmody (Associate Donor Services Officer) 614-545-3226 is happy to assist you, or your financial advisor, with any planned gifts and donations.


You may also give to the All Saints Endowment Funds directly through
The Columbus Foundation’s website:

The All Saints Memorial Fund          The All Saints Scholarship Fund

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