Youth Music


High School and Middle School Music

High School and Middle School youth are encouraged to participate in the worship services. They are free to sing and play instruments in any of our existing music ensembles or to create one of their own.


Parents and youth coordinate with the Director of Music Ministry, Lauren Grangaard, to develop a schedule that works for them.


Cherub Bell Choir

This bell choir is designed to help young children learn to read music and play an instrument in a relaxed setting. Children learn to play the bells using color-coded flashcards and later translate that skill to the page with color-coded music as well!


Sunday at 11:00 AM. A snack is provided.


Sunday School Christmas Program

Kindergarten through Middle School aged youth are invited to participate in the Christmas Program each year. Middle School youth audition in October and all Sunday School youth are able to participate in the choir. The year’s program is “Away in a Mango”!

away in a mango 2.jpg
cherub bells side veiw.jpg