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Committees at All Saints


All Saints has several ‘standing committees,’ per our Constitution (C.13.02.01.b.). These committees provide leadership support to our church and staff. To contact any of the following committees, email the church office at



We have one Worship Committee, with two groups that meet to discuss and provide feedback for our two styles of worship services.

Traditional Worship: Vickie Buchenroth, Mona Deringer, Jennifer Erickson, Gretchen Glasgow, Angie Paul

Contemporary Worship: John Folk, Ruth Ford, Tony Ramirez, Debra Tornes

Staff: Lauren Grangaard, Mary Nellis, and our Pastors


Our Support Committee provides oversight, guidance, and feedback for matters pertaining to the church's budget and finances.

Members: Alan Deutschendorf (Chair), Steve Buchenroth, Beth Patton, Bob Tobbe, Jim Warburton


Our Audit Committee provides an annual review of our financial records (though this committee does not provide an official 'audit' for our church). 

Members: Erik Morris, Jennifer Mullaney, Beth Patton

Visioning and Strategic Planning

Our Visioning and Strategic Planning committee is tasked with setting strategic goals to help achieve our vision for our church's ministry. This committee is currently in a redevelopment stage.

Pastoral Relations

Our Pastoral Relations Committee provides support and feedback for our pastors, related to areas of performance, growth, goals, and more.

Committee Members for Pastor Scott Nellis: Kay Labosky (Chair), David Dirr, Jeremy Florea, Pam Johnson, Lee Sherman, Pete Tschofen

Other active and vibrant committees at All Saints include the following:

Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild takes on the important task of preparing our worship spaces each week, including the set-up and preparation of Holy Communion, changing paraments seasonally, attending to our candle oil and acolyte tapers, and more.

Members: Barb Burdette, Pam Cherubino, Sarah Crozier, Gretchen Glasgow, Lauren Grangaard, Luanne Huter, Cathy Martin, Kathy McKee, Donna Quist, Sue Schregardus, Deb Seckel, Lee Sherman, Debra Tornes, Debbie Ward, Carol Zipf

Caring Community

Our Caring Community attends to the needs of our members who live at home or in an assisted-living facility, and no longer drive. This committee prepares occasional meals, offers ride support, provides Communion visits, sends cards, and more.

Team Coordinator: Holly Wooden  Greeting Card Coordinator: Gretchen Glasgow 
Staff: Pastor Jeff Wise, Arlene Belter


Our Columbarium Committee handles all tasks related to our Columbarium and its niches. 
Members: Ruth Ford, Tim Huter, Ryan Long, Connie Pierce, Jim Warburton
Staff: Pastor Jeff Wise, Gloria Bock

Concerts at All Saints

Our Concert Committee attends to tasks related to planning and organizing concerts to be held at the church.

Members: Kay Keller, Martin Williamson, Connie Zitlow

Staff: Tom Gerke, Lauren Grangaard

Congregation Council

Our Congregation Council is tasked with the leadership of our church, including approving policies and issues of governance, making recommendations on items such as our annual budget, providing feedback and guidance to our pastors and staff, and more.
Members: Aaron Shank (President), Jeremy Florea (Vice President), Jennifer Mullaney (Treasurer), Rachel Counts (Secretary), Brett Borger, Mary Lou Kolloff, Ryan Long, Lynn Nadler, Beth Patton

Staff: Pastor Bill McKee, Pastor Scott Nellis, Gloria Bock (Financial Treasurer)



Endowment Fund

Our Endowment Fund Committee provides the decision-making on the goals, distribution, and investment of our two endowment funds. 
Members: Steve Buchenroth (Chair), Pete Tschofen (Vice Chair), Brett Borger (Council representative), Joyce Lohner, Erik Morris, Melissa Wheeler, Jodi Wilson
Staff: Pastor Bill McKee, Pastor Scott Nellis, Gloria Bock


Our Kitchen Committee is dedicated to the organization and cleaning of our multi-use church kitchen.
Members: Pat Barnett, Mona and Tom Deringer, Darlene Edison, Petey Ellinger, Jody Gaiser, Ronda Popp, Carolyn Gill, Gretchen and Jeff Glasgow, Sudy Hamilton, Nancy Hellickson, Pam Johnson, Jane Karras, Jane King, Linda Lehman, Reva Lewis, Peg Margello, Beth Maxwell, Lisa and Lodi Moore, Audrey Redmon, Lee Sherman, Sue Tobbe, Gail Warburton, Sandy Weides

Staff: Gloria Bock


Our Property Committee provides oversight, guidance, and recommendations on the facility needs of our church. They also provide some repair needs.
Members: Bob Fuller, Jim Fuller, Ryan Long, Jim Reardon, Pete Tschofen, Bob Tobbe

Staff: Pastor Scott Nellis, Gloria Bock


Our Stewardship Committee provides support and guidance on our stewardship initiatives each year, encouraging our members toward faithful prayer, service, and financial support of All Saints' ministries.
Members: Jerry Brevick, Tom Counts

Staff: Pastor Scott Nellis, Gloria Bock

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