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Fellowship Groups

All Saints has many small groups to gather with and enjoy fellowship. We believe that being part of a faith community can be life-giving, and helps us to feel loved and cared for when we need it most. Please see our list of Fellowship Groups below, and feel free to attend as much or as little as you're able.

(Mothers of College Adults)

(Check Calendar for all specific dates)

MOCA (Mothers of College Adults) is a group of women from All Saints who have children in college (and beyond). They get together on the third Thursday of most months at 7 p.m. to enjoy dinner (or an appetizer) and a drink, at various surrounding restaurants. It’s a way to stay connected and to share fellowship with others in a similar phase of life.

For more information please contact Lisa Brooks (


Yoga and Pilates
Check Calendar for all specific dates

Yoga and Pilates classes are held at All Saints each month. See the calendar for current dates and times.


For more information please contact Jane Karras at

You can also watch Jane's yoga lessons from home using these videos:


The Welcome Table
–Free Monthly Me

Last Tuesday of every month, 5:30–6:30 PM

(Check Calendar for all specific dates)

The Welcome Table is a free meal offered to the congregation and community to foster friendship and fellowship. It takes many volunteers to make this community meal a success, and it's a great opportunity for service and fellowship ... join us!


For more information, please contact our Director of Faith Formation, Lisa Brooks, at

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