Music Ministry Staff at All Saints

ASLC Music Ministry is a vital and vibrant expression of our praise of God.  It reinforces the Word of God through faith and participation by:

·        Strengthening our relationship with God.

·        Enriching connections among worship leaders, choirs, musicians, congregation and the community

·        Welcoming and inspiring people to share their musical gifts to the glorify God.

·        Motivating all to spread the Good News.

Mary Jane.JPG

Mary Jane DeArmond - Accompanist

Alex Ford.jpg

Alex Ford - Contemporary Worship Director


Tom Gerke - Lead Organist

self portrait.jpg

Lauren Grangaard - Director of Music Ministry/Chancel Choir Director/Hand Bell Choir Director/Youth Music Ministry Director


Rusty Oates.jpg

Rusty Oates - Joy! Director




Jan Sprecher - Assistant Organist