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Sam Sohnly - Young Adults in Global Mission

Sew Sah Dye pi Kampuchea! (Hello from Cambodia!)

I’m blown away that I’ve already spent two months working in Cambodia! Time is flying here but we sure are packing in the experiences.

After travelling around a bit for training I am now finding my place at my office here in Bovel Village near the Thailand border. Life With Dignity is an excellent organization and I feel very proud to be a part of the team. Despite the language barrier the staff has went out of their way to effectively make me feel like part of their family.

The biggest reward so far has been visiting the poor families on their farms and just feeling their genuine gratitude for the supplies & training that LWD continues to provide. I have heard countless touching stories about how drastically the organization has improved their livelihood, income, and general hope.

In many ways Cambodia is drastically different from back home but I’ve done very well with adjusting to and embracing my life here. Through my support in the States and my new friends, I’ve felt an incredible amount of love and support.

I don’t get the chance to post all too often but, if you would like to hear more stories please visit:

Thank you all for your continued love, prayers, and support. I hope and pray that all is well for you and the congregation. God bless.

- Samuel J. Sohnly

Sam Sohnly

Sam Sohnly

John Rogers

John serves as a librarian and teacher in the Evanjelicke Lyceum in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Students of the Evanjelicke Lyceum

Students of the Evanjelicke Lyceum


The Rev. David and Alicia Brondos

David Brondos

David Brondos

David serves as professor at the Seminario Luterano Augsburgo in Mexico City and Alicia teaches English.

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