Food for the Poor


All Saints works with this international organization on a number of projects, most often in Haiti, where All Saints' generosity has helped to fund housing and, recently, the Marchel Victory Garden, which will allow residents to grow their own food and extra to sell to supplement their incomes. Find out more about Food the Poor at its Website.

When we partner on projects with Food for the Poor, we’re not simply donating to people less fortunate than us. We’re restoring hope to families. We’re providing economic opportunity. We’re empowering young and old to provide for their families. We’re allowing people to dream of what’s possible.



Project Update

Marechal Victory Garden, Leogane, Ouest, Haiti

From Food for the Poor...

The Marechal Victory Garden project is giving the opportunity to 350 beneficiaries to cultivate a variety of vegetables. This project will transform their lives by creating new jobs in the village, improving their daily nutrition and improving their income.

We are delighted to report that work on the Marechal Victory Garden project has begun. Fifteen acres of land have been tilled and 20 pounds of okra seeds were distributed to the beneficiaries. Also, the seedbed for the eggplants was prepared with organic fertilizer.

The social services department met with the beneficiaries and discussed the importance of this project and the responsibilities of each beneficiary to ensure its success. Also, beneficiaries have been trained on preparing seedbeds for planting.

Walson Pierre, Project Coordinator, expressed his gratification for the project. “It is a great pleasure to see our dream come to reality,” he said. “It is our first time being involved in such a big project and we thank the generous donors and staff of Food For The Poor. The members of the community are working hard for the success of this project and to encourage this type of engagement in other vulnerable communities. We thank the donors for trusting us with this project and promise to make the best of it.”