First English Partnership

“Keeping the faith, Sharing the Grace and Serving the Community to put love into action”


In 2013, All Saints entered into a partnership with First English Lutheran Church, 1015 E Main, Columbus, Ohio. Its home is an economically and socially challenged area with a diversity of residents and church filled with hope and love, where all are welcome.


We are one of over 30 partners. We partner with First English to fulfill Christ’s call to reach out to our neighbors.  All Saints' partnership enhances and supports First English ministries. It fosters community building, collaboration, the sharing of resources, skills, and provides a sense of stewardship. There are endless volunteer opportunities at First English and the neighborhood for All Saint members to share our love as a body of Christ.

“Grace to you and peace” wrote Paul. “We are partners in the gospel.”



As a result of gentrification, change in the neighborhood surrounding First English has never occurred more dramatically. Through a grant, First English is committing to developing a highly diverse community interaction and dialogue.

As a part of ENTANGLE’s kickoff, All Saints is sponsoring a mural project organized by local artist John Sumani, to be painted by everyone at the street fair.


Center of Hope

Led by Justice Ministry member Rick Bradley, the Center of Hope works with representatives from Capital University, Columbus State Community College, Central Community House and First English neighbors.

The  center provides a forum for diverse partners to explore new ways to interact and address identified community issues.


Bike Repair Shop

First English Bicycle Repair shop was headed up by All Saints Jeff Glasgow, Jim Keating, Henry Dammeyer and Scott Rechel. The goal is to help neighbors learn how to fix their bicycles – an important mode of transportation for the First English community. Neighbors will work alongside volunteers who know how to fix their bikes, so it also offers a mentoring component. Contact Pastor Sally Padgett.

block party first english.jpg

Block Party

All Saints and Lord of Life Lutheran church partner to host an annual First English block party on a Friday night in August. The streets are closed around the church. Hundreds attend to enjoy food, a DJ, dancing, shooting hoops, children's games for children and companionship. We need VOLUNTEER SUPPORT. Donations are essential but equally important we need YOU. We need at least 30 volunteers to grill, cook, slice, serve food, play with the children and mingle with our neighbors. We are not just sharing a meal, we are serving Jesus.

first english trunk or treat.jpg

Trick or Trunk

Around Halloween volunteers gather at Central Community House (one block from First English) for Beggars’ "Night" in the afternoon. Volunteers fill their car trunks with candy before they pop them open for the event. Neighborhood children come in costume and trick-or-treat from car-to-car. Everyone is then welcome to stay for music, dancing, food, games and fun.