Christmas with Dignity

Christmas with dignity 2016.JPG

Christmas with Dignity is our annual food assistance program for our friends in Ironton. The event takes place in Irontonin December. We are committed to help provide 500 boxes of a week’s worth of frozen meat, vegetables and side dishes to serve a family of four. We are partnering with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church to achieve this goal. The price of one box is about $32.

Your help is needed! Beginning in November, stop by the “Giving Tree’ and help yourself to an ornament. The ornaments will have a dollar amount attached. Choose one that matches what you would like to give. Of course you are not limited to donating the amounts on the ornaments. We appreciate donations of any size!

We also need to send 10 to 12 volunteers to Ironton to help with the giveaway. Most of the recipients are unable to lift and carry the boxes of food and other items available that day to their cars without assistance.