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Luther on the Scriptures

We’ll return to our regular schedule of Adult Sunday School with a look at Luther on the Scriptures. The class is part of our continued celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Scripture is what got Luther started, and it sustained him. His interpretation of scripture is the legacy he left for the Christian Church. If you know scripture no one can deceive you. Martin Luther wrote instructions to parents so that they could, from scripture, teach their children. Luther wrote instructions for pastors, from scripture, so they could instruct their parishioners. He translated the Bible into the common language so everyone could instruct themselves from scripture. 

If you want to see how Luther approached studying scripture and participate in some lively Christian discussion, if you want to get better prepared to fulfill your parental promise to teach the scriptures to your baptized children, if you want to have better conversations centered on faith with believers and nonbelievers, then please join us. 

We will be refreshed with the basics of Christian faith as seen from the Bible.  Luther said,
“I study my Bible as I gather apples.  First, I shake the whole tree that the ripest might fall.  Then I shake each limb, and when I have shaken each limb, I shake each branch and every twig.  Then I look under each leaf.  I shake the Bible as a whole like shaking the whole tree-study book after book.”

Luther studied the Bible in its entirety and found 10 major themes that ran throughout, and we will look at those themes. They cover most of all we need to know.  
George Schmidt will lead during September and into October, with the Rev. Dr. Cheryl M Peterson, associate professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, joining us Oct. 22 and 29. She will help us to understand Martin Luther’s theology. This will be a perfect ending to our discussion and year-long reformation celebration. 
The ten themes that span the Old and New Testaments we will explore:

  • God Saves People
  • People Find God is Faithful
  • People Reflect About God
  • People Live in God’s World
  • God’s People Have Leaders
  • God’s People Have Rulers but One Sovereign
  • God Demands Righteous People
  • God’s People Learn Wisdom
  • God’s People Worship
  • God’s People Have Hope
Earlier Event: November 17
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Later Event: November 19
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